The School Visit

My Eldest starts school in September. I know, it’s ridiculous. What ever happened to my little boy still in nappies, not quite talking right, relying on us for pretty much everything without much complaint? He’s still in there somewhere, but the sprout of independence is slowly growing within him. The sprout that parents simultaneously hate and celebrate. A little while ago we had a visit from one of the early years teachers from the school we picked along with one of the teaching assistants. This wasn’t something we had expected the school to do, but apparently it is common practice

Schools – The Results

We have been to visit some schools, and based on the criteria I listed in my previous post we think we have found one which ticked pretty much all of the boxes we had available. Along the way we have encountered a few extremely good school features, and some not so good ones. I had actually intended on writing this post as part of my previous one, but after I started explaining how the whole thing worked I thought it was getting too long to then add this to the end of it. I’ll start with one of the worst things that happened,

Schooling Selection

An important task lies ahead of us; choosing which Primary School to send our children to. Ordinarily parents are limited by their location for schools, for the most part having to send their children to a school which has a catchment area within which their home happens to be situated. It is, dare I say, a “Postcode Lottery”. The majority of primary schools in our area are beholden to the local authority entry requirement rules which are, I believe, centrally controlled by the government. When there are more people wanting a place at a school than are available (class sizes have