Dredging The Past

I’ve been asked by the adoption agency to provide names of people I worked with at two places I left 15 years ago. The reason they’re interested in them is because both involved working with, or around, children.

On the registration of interest form there was a section asking about jobs we held that involved working with children or vulnerable adults. I had two that I thought might be relevant, one as a swimming pool life guard where I interacted a lot with children, and one as a science technician at my old secondary school.

Fortunately I am still in contact with the people at the swimming pool as I still swim occasionally (hopefully once a week from now on!), so I gave the name of the person I thought best to provide a reference for me, but at the school I know that the head of department who hired me had retired, and I don’t know anyone else who would remember me being there. This was only for a single term as it was a temporary position, I was hired without interview as the teacher remembered me from doing my A Levels (I had left the year before), this was 15 years ago.

I have explained all this to the adoption agency, ironically I would have been an employee of the council that the adoption agency is part of at the time. I may be able to get personal contact details of the person as he still occasionally teaches at a school where my Mum works. So we’ll see if they need that.

As of now I’m waiting to see if they’ve accepted my answers, at least things seem to be moving forward.

I have booked my medical, which was a bit nerve wracking as they didn’t have any space until September with the Doctor who usually does them at my practice. Fortunately the other Doctor (who is actually my Doctor anyway) agreed to do it. Unfortunately the day they suggested was the same day as I’ve been told I need to go to County Hall to deliver all my documentation for the DBS check, so the next available appointment was towards the end of July. Hopefully that won’t be too late! I guess that having a nice personal service with a Doctor that you get along with at a small practice does have its downside.

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