Yesterday we went to what was called an “Adoption Workshop”, we were a bit worried as it coincided with strike action from council workers and it was an 80 mile round trip to get there. Our fears were unfounded though and it all went ahead as expected.

What has become apparent recently is that our adoption agency is still finding its feet with the new 2 stage process. This is fairly understandable as it is less than a year old, and they do seem to be very open about the fact they’re still learning and adapting it to improve it as they go.

I’m not sure if we really gained an awful lot out of the workshop though, it was mostly going through the workbook that I detailed in one of my previous posts. The booklet actually explains itself quite well about what you’re expected to fill in but it was nice to hear it explained by a social worker, also it was good to listen to other people ask questions that we hadn’t thought of. 

What we did learn though was that the space provided in the booklet was just a guide and we could stick in more pages if required (it will be) and even just type something up and print it off and attach it.

Another thing which we’ve realised is that each adoption agency has it’s own processes that they use within their allotted time frame. Although there is a set timeline now in the two stage process, what an agency does within that time to best make its decisions and prepare prospective parents seems to be down to the agency itself. 

The next two dates in our diaries are the “Introduction to Adoption” day which we know very little about, but from what we gather it’s a more in-depth look at Stage 2 and what to expect, and a “Health and Safety Check” at home. This will be carried out by the lady who we seem to meet at every adoption event we’ve been to, from the LGBT Adoption event back in March to the Workshop yesterday. It’s always nice to see a familiar face at these things 🙂

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