Glacial Feedback

Just as I was starting to think about looking into some form of cryogenic suspension so that I could be woken up when the adoption agency had done something with our Stage 1 workbook my partner got a phone call from one of the social workers. (Let’s just say “Patient” wasn’t one of the 5 words I used to describe myself in the workbook)

She was writing up a report which would then go to her manager for a final decision and she wanted some further details about our ‘support network’, namely how far away they were from us and how long it takes to get to them.

Now, I’m not entirely sure that the examples they gave mentioned distance and time, but we didn’t get a chance to take a copy of what we handed in so I can’t remember. It wasn’t too bad, as all of the people we named actually exist (I’m sure that was probably what she was checking as we did put quite a lot of people down) telling her where they live and how long it takes to get to them wasn’t much of an ordeal (or so my partner tells me).

They did tell us at the last training session we went to that they may phone with questions about our workbook, and actually I’m surprised that this was the only thing we were asked about. I was sure we would need to provide more information about our weekly routine and who we see the most often from our support network. Reading what we wrote in our ‘typical week and weekend’ section must give the impression that we are the most boring people on the planet, maybe that’s a good thing though as it’s certainly a stable environment.

At least we know that someone is looking at the information we’ve provided now, so hopefully we’ll know that we can progress to Stage 2 within a week or so.

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