Schedule Change

We met our Stage 2 social workers yesterday. Our assessment is starting next week. The provisional date for our approval panel is in February.

Well, that was quick. Lots of dates in diaries, a few more training courses booked up, and we’re off. Twoish months ahead of what we had originally scheduled.

I think because our assessing social worker is in training and under the supervision of the senior practitioner assigned to us she had more dates free in her diary than if it were the senior practitioner alone doing our assessment. This meant that she could work around our work hours, meaning we don’t have to book any annual leave in order to have our meetings with her. In turn that means we can start earlier because we don’t need to wait until January for our new load of leave to begin. That and most of the decoration that we had intended on doing between stages has been done already.

And so, we embark upon our assessment journey.

We’re booked in to take our parents to a “Friends and Family” training day that the agency runs soon. That will be good for them I think.

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