And so it continues…

A few more observations:

9. Driving on a dual carriageway (highway for those of you across the pond) whilst doing a full family rendition of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (with actions for the non-drivers) is a common occurrence.

10. Replace Twinkle Twinkle with any other nursery rhyme/song and repeat point 9.

11. Associating video with audio from a different source is learnt behaviour, young children just don’t get it.

12. Proper names of parents no longer exist. Forget them and go with the parental titles instead, regardless of whether children are actually present. Unless of course you want to be called by your first name by your child, because you will slip in front of them if you don’t. See point 13.

13. Children are mimics. Gestures, words, noises, phrases. All get copied perfectly, not always with the correct usage.

14. Car journeys are now far more interesting. Who knew we passed so many lorries, buses, vans, cars, trucks and bridges on that short drive we do everyday?

I’m sure more will follow. Needless to say we have been enjoying our short time as parents. Long may it continue 🙂

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