How About These … ?

One year ago my OH and I had the following text message exchange. The initial message I received when I was driving home from work.

OH: Just reading [SW Name] email about sibling group. I don’t know how you feel, but I would like to enquire more about these children. We can discuss it more when I get home, just about to leave off xx

Me: Haven’t read it yet, just got to my parents’ house x

OH: Ok, the profile sounds promising! xx

At this point, I am standing in my parents living room being talked to by my Mum about the progress my new baby nephew had been making. I admit I can’t remember a word of what she said because I was engrossed in reading the email on my phone – very rude of me. It wasn’t a massively detailed email if I’m honest, but it was enough.

Me: Yes sounds very promising x

And that was the first we heard about about the children that are now our children.

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