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So, apparently at least one person other than my family reads my blog! Laura at the blog Riddle From The Middle has nominated me for a Liebster award. This is essentially an award given by bloggers to other bloggers with a few rules attached to it. I think it is designed to increase traffic onto your blog by linking it to other blogs that you read and like. Laura is a fellow adoptive parent, thanks to her for the nomination.

Here’s how the Liebster works:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.  It’s courteous and shows your mama raised you right.
  2. Share 11 random facts about yourself.
  3. Answer the 11 questions posed by the blogger who nominated you.
  4. Nominate 5-11 bloggers you love and let them know they’ve earned a Liebster!
  5. Give your nominees 11 questions to answer

11 Random Facts About Me

  1. I am gay. Woohoo, no revelation there if you’ve been paying attention!
  2. I live in the house that I was raised in by my parents after having bought it from them a few years ago. As my Mum said at the time “It’s a house that is meant to have children in it” a criterion I believe we have met.
  3. I suffer with social phobia. Going out in any capacity causes me to have a minor panic. This has been lessened recently since adopting, which I am very glad of!
  4. I am a software developer by trade.
  5. Growing up the one industry I always said I didn’t want to get into was IT… damn.
  6. I am most definitely a dog person.
  7. Due to point 1. Travelling outside the UK scares me, very few other countries have laws preventing hotels from denying you access to their facilities simply because you are gay. Careful research has to be done before any trip, anywhere.
  8. I have always been useless at naming my stuffed animals, live animals or anything really. Thank goodness I didn’t have to name my children!
  9. Although I currently have neither, if I were forced into choosing between getting a piercing or a tattoo I would choose a tattoo. Don’t ask me why though, as I don’t really know.
  10. I am an introvert.
  11. I watch a lot of science fiction films, and I prefer them to ‘real-life’ films specifically because they are usually ridiculous and unrealistic.



  1. Sweet or salty?
    Definitely salty. Starter or dessert? Starter. Chocolate or crisps? Crisps. Definitely not a sweet person.
  2. You’ve been asked to write one city ordinance that will be in effect on the fourth Wednesday of each month.  What is it?
    On the fourth Wednesday of every month, any dog owner caught not clearing up after their dog in a public place must then spend the next week clearing up after every other dog owner on their street so they can have a break from it too. Seriously? What’s that about! You’re a dog owner be responsible like the rest of us!
  3. Do you remember any of your teachers in particular?  Why or why not?
    I remember my physics A-level teacher, I spent a whole year being taught by him, I wrote precisely 1 page of notes. His method of teaching was so good that I still got an A in the part he was teaching.
  4. Would you rather be trapped in a crowded elevator for twelve hours or stranded alone on a lifeboat for three days?
    Alone on a lifeboat, assuming I get rescued at the end of it. I’m not a people person and I suffer slightly from claustrophobia.
  5. Name two things you have on your person right now.
    Slippers and a packet of extra strong mints (never go anywhere without one!). Obviously I have clothes on too.
  6. You’ve been given a million dollars tax free with the condition that you spend it within seven days.  What do you do with the money?
    I would probably pay off my mortgage and close relatives’ mortgages, my car loan, and then spend the rest on any local community projects that needed funding, especially ones centering on children or health.
  7. Complete this sentence: I’d love to know more about _____.
    Medicine. In another life I would have trained in medicine. Never quite had the self-confidence to pursue it when I was young enough!
  8. Your neighbor’s hosting a potluck and you’ve agreed to go.  What are you most likely to take?
    Probably a lasagne. Easy to make and fairly popular.
  9. Would you say your life is an open book, by invitation only, or locked in the vault?
    Partly an open book – I write about it on my blog! The rest is by invitation only.
  10. Recommend your favorite author, musician, or artist.
    Favourite author is probably Terry Pratchett. The Discworld novels are as much a social commentary on the ridiculousness of human nature as they are a funny fantasy series.
  11. Describe two ways to spend a beautiful Saturday afternoon.
    i) In my garden, with my dog, children and husband sitting on the decking with the BBQ on watching the kids play in the water from the hose and on their slide.
    ii) Down the beach on a long walk alone with my dog (we all need a bit of alone time sometimes!).


As I don’t read a huge number of blogs (about 3 actually) and the one I read on a regular basis was also nominated in the same blog as I was there isn’t much point me writing questions and nominating anyone. So I won’t be writing 11 questions this time round, nor nominating any blogs. Sorry about that!

Instead, what I will do is ask you to ask me questions about adoption and post them in the comments section. If I am able to answer them without revealing anything confidential then I will make a blog post out of them. Ask anything you want and have ever wondered about, if it’s too personal I just won’t answer. No harm in asking right?

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  1. Loved your answers! Particularly that city ordinance…I can’t begin to understand what the deal is with some dog owners in our neighborhood.

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