The Nowhere Child

This is a slight deviation from the sort of writing I usually do. It was inspired by something my eldest son said when he was playing. He had created himself a cave with a yoga mat that he usually uses for doing rolls and other such things. When we asked him about it he said his cave was ‘nowhere’ and he was there because of some sea monsters. I’ve mixed that concept in with some of what we know of his history.

The monsters are here,
they’re coming for me.
I cannot find help,
as nowhere is safe.

The shouting begins,
louder and louder.
I am very scared,
as nowhere is safe.

Run from the monsters,
run from the shouting.
But where can I go?
As nowhere is safe.

I have disappeared,
the monsters have gone.
I’ve shut myself out,
I’m safe in nowhere.

©ThenWeWereFour 2016


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