Another break from my normal post. I’m sure many parents feel like they are pretending when they first get the role, whether they are biological children or adopted children. For adopters you have a difficult first few months where you have many professionals questioning many of the things you do. You are not the sole parents of your children as the local authority still has parental rights over them until the adoption order goes through. You can’t do many things without their permission, so it does sort of feel like you aren’t real parents.

Anyway, here’s a short poem about the development of those feelings.

I first met you today,
You were excited,
I was very scared.
Am I your Dad?
Or am I just pretending?

Did they make a mistake?
I question myself,
It feels so surreal.
Am I your Dad?
I feel like I’m pretending.

You can’t do it yourself,
You call out for me,
You need me to help.
Am I your Dad?
Am I still just pretending?

You fall and bang your head,
You scream out in pain,
I kiss where you’re hurt.
I feel like I’m Dad,
But surely I’m pretending.

It is time for your bed,
I say I love you,
You then say it back.
I am your Dad
And I am not pretending.

 ©ThenWeWereFour 2017

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