Out With Dads

Children, especially younger ones, tend to be literal creatures. With little experience of social convention they say things as they see them, whether that may be offensive to someone or not. It usually leads to hilarious moments, followed by a red-faced parent apologising for the socially unacceptable thing your child has just said. Children also have no prejudice until it is implanted into them by external factors, they don’t care about your gender, sexuality, race, or religion. Our children are no different. It is impossible to go out as a family without it being blatantly obvious we are a two-dad

The Christmas Quandary

This year will be our second Christmas with our boys but it’ll be our eldest son’s 4th and our youngest’s 3rd in their lifetimes. I don’t think we really appreciated how big a deal a stable Christmas with the extended family and lots of presents was until last year. It was something both my partner and I have always had, so it is the norm for us, for our children though it was not. It started to hit home a little bit with the lack of excitement from our eldest the night before. I know it was only his 3rd

Schooling Selection

An important task lies ahead of us; choosing which Primary School to send our children to. Ordinarily parents are limited by their location for schools, for the most part having to send their children to a school which has a catchment area within which their home happens to be situated. It is, dare I say, a “Postcode Lottery”. The majority of primary schools in our area are beholden to the local authority entry requirement rules which are, I believe, centrally controlled by the government. When there are more people wanting a place at a school than are available (class sizes have

The Parenting Anxiety

I am a worrier. There are no two ways about it. I am the kind of person that attempts to think through every single scenario of a given situation and come up with a plan to cope with it. I lose sleep over it, I get migraines because of it, I even sometimes end up avoiding the given situation because of some bizarre scenario I have come up with that I can’t find a way of resolving. The more unknowns the worse I am.