When Things Go Wrong

In the current adoption climate adopters being linked with a child and then having that link severed is becoming all the more common. I’m going to revisit the worst part of our adoption journey from a less emotional point of view, in the hope that our experiences will help others that may be going through the same: The time when our provisional link fell through and we managed to retrieve it again. During our adoption training we were given the impression that there are 3 fundamental things which will help lead to a more stable adoption: Communication, honesty, and trust. The three things

Under Repair

Where to begin (this is going to be a long one!)… As it turns out in my post Linked when I said we were officially linked apparently I was wrong, it was just a provisional link. I have now corrected that blog post. We have since learnt that our agency have something called a Family Linking Meeting (FLM) which is where the link is made official. Just after the aforementioned blog post we had a meeting with the Family Finder (FF) social worker and the children’s social worker (CSW). While we didn’t necessarily feel that meeting went very well, we were


Never have I understood the words “if things seem too good to be true, they probably are” more than today. We are broken. Despite driving things forward at an incredible pace since late January, the family finder social worker has severed our link with the siblings for reasons we are yet to know or understand. We are devastated, not just for us but for the children, in my opinion they have been wronged too. I have nothing else to say.