Not a criminal!

It’s official, I have no criminal record according to the Disclosure and Barring Service certificate I have received in the post today.

Of course I knew that already, but at least that’s another hoop that we’ve successfully jumped through. I’m just waiting to see if I need to send the certificate anywhere to prove I’m above board or if the adoption agency has received something already. I imagine that seeing as they requested the checks they’ll already know the results, and no one has told us we need to send the certificate anywhere (we didn’t even know we were going to get it, although I do vaguely remember reading that we would when I was looking up DBS check requirements on the website).

I don’t want anything to delay our Stage 1 approval, so I’ve sent an email that they get when they go back to work on Monday morning, there’s no point phoning as there won’t be anyone around until then anyway.

I hope my partner isn’t a former-criminal either, I haven’t seen his certificate as he isn’t home from work yet and it’s marked with that mega-private and confidential labelling so I can’t really ‘accidentally’ open it. I’m sure he’s not though! 🙂

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