The Waiting Game

As of 5.30pm last night we have completed everything we can for Stage 1 of the Adoption Approval Process.

The “Health & Safety Check” turned out to be more of a look around the house making suggestions on what we might want to do to make things totally safe for a toddler. There wasn’t much we needed to do, some of our windows open out so far that an adult could fall out of them! So it will be a good idea to limit their opening capability. The only other main point we were told about was the pond, although there is a small fence around it, it’s too easy to climb on so will need to be replaced and probably made a bit higher.

All in all it wasn’t too bad. The adoption outreach worker who came also confirmed that they had received both of our medicals which was a relief because on Friday we had been told that they were outstanding despite the fact we knew they should have had them already. Oh, I should mention that our dogs, other than a little bit of jumping up, were incredibly well behaved and the outreach worker said she couldn’t see them being a problem at all 🙂 🙂 🙂

We were told on Friday that two of the three references we were asked for have been received and I know the third one was sent to them Monday, so hopefully that will have arrived yesterday or today.

All we have to do now is wait and see if we pass Stage 1. They have said it usually takes about two weeks after them receiving everything in, which to my knowledge they have (except the DBS check which we have no control over), so the clock is now ticking. Apparently they may have further questions for us on what we’ve put in the workbook, but that’s just another thing we have to wait and see about.

In the meantime, more reading I guess!

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