Not Just an Assessment

Yesterday everything became real. We aren’t just being assessed to be approved to be adoptive parents. We WILL become parents (subject to approval of course).

Our social worker decided to do our profile before the Christmas break and sent it to us yesterday. It’s a really nice write up including a few pictures (which I hate because they have me in them!). I think it really captures us well and gives a good summary of what we have to offer.

Along with that she sent us some children’s profiles from another authority who need to be placed away from their catchment area. We’ve asked for further information on a few of the ones we felt some form of connection with that fitted what we had envisaged.

Our social worker “broke up” for Christmas yesterday but that didn’t stop her texting me this morning to tell me she’d received our email and will send a request to the other adoption agency for the further information along with our profile for them to see on Monday. They probably won’t receive it until January, but at least our side has done what they can.

So… That’s the beginning of matching, and we haven’t even been approved yet! I’m not sure we’ll be taken that seriously until we are approved because there are currently an unprecedented number of approved adopters awaiting children, but you never know!

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