Fate, Destiny, God, Randomness, The Universe, Mother Nature, Karma, Luck, whatever it is, if anything, that dictates the events that occur really does give with one hand whilst taking with the other.

Yesterday the social workers decided that they would fully support us in the adoption of the two siblings we have been fighting for over the last few months, this is incredible news, and up until I was told I honestly didn’t think it would go that way. You see, that was the hand that was giving, the one that took away was cruel and unexpected.

My OH tragically lost his wonderful Mum last week after an exacerbation of a chronic illness. We knew the severity of the illness she had, but we weren’t really prepared for this to happen so soon. Once her prognosis became clear we had a few days to be able to say our goodbyes and try to prepare as best we can. I am incredibly proud of my OH for how strong he was for his Mum, not just recently but over the last 10 years, he supported her when she needed it and never ever complained. That is the kind of person that he is, that is the kind of legacy that his Mum has left behind. I can only hope that at this difficult time I can be as strong for him as he was for his Mum, as he would be for me, and as he will be for the children that we will adopt.

We kept social services apprised of everything that was going on, as much as we knew that it could scupper our chances at adopting in the short term, we had to so they could make the right decision for us and the children. All I can say is they know how good our support network is, they know how much the people around us care about us and will help us, and I can only think that it is because of this, and only this, that they decided to continue on as planned. That they have done so with what appears to be little reservation is a real testament to our friends and family.

I would like to extend my personal thanks and gratitude to everyone who has sent messages of support and offering help. I have said it before and I will say it again, our children will be very lucky to have you in their lives. Without you and the kind of emotional and practical support you have offered us, which we have been able to tell our social workers about, I have no doubt that we would have had to stop this adoption.

Now, we are OFFICIALLY linked to the children, the social workers’ role is now to support us to Matching Panel which is the last proper hurdle that we need to jump before being allowed to meet and bring the children home. So, the next few weeks is going to be very hard trying to balance our grief and loss with the excitement and anticipation for the future. Having to deal with the necessary arrangements as well as preparing ourselves and our home for our children.

Thank you all.

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