And so it begins…

Introductions are over and we are now in full Parental Responsibility mode.

Before I say anything about the introductions in general I have a list of observations.

1. Get used to drinking formerly hot drinks cold, or only half of them, or not at all. Certainly get used to searching for randomly placed cups with full or half drunk drinks in them once the children are in bed.

2. Children somehow generate crumbs. Even if they have not had anything to eat, they are just there on the carpet inexplicably.

3. Forbidden things are nectar to children. Nothing is sacred, especially the best things.

4. Get a heavy duty washing machine, it’ll be on. A lot.

5. Quadruple your supply of tea towels, then double it again. You don’t have enough. No… You still don’t… Get some more. See point 4.

6. Remember to feed yourself. Yes the children need their food and then need to be kept an eye on, but who is going to do that if you’re passed out on the floor with low blood sugar?

7. Bath time involves getting wet. Not just for those being washed.

8. Toys are not as interesting as the packaging they come in. Same goes for presents and wrapping paper.

I’m sure there will be more to come!

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