Introducing Introductions

One year ago today we officially got accepted onto the adoption agency’s books, and entered The Process.

One year later we met our children for the first time.

From the outset it was clear that the foster carer had been preparing them for meeting us and the first words spoken, fairly unprompted, by one of the children was “It’s Daddy and Dad”. Definitely heart melting!

We only spent a couple of hours with them today, and an amazing couple of hours it was.

We saw a little bit of foster carer discipline which was very good to see, did a lot of playing with both children, who seemed to just comfortably accept us.

Then we had to go 🙁

But more tomorrow, and more time as well, as Introductions are designed to slowly build the time we spend with them until it is time to take over the parenting duties full time.

So… Tomorrow will be another fun day!

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