The Road So Far…

In the grand scheme of things our journey and travels through the adoption process have been quite short. Many prospective adopters wait a lot longer to be linked to a child than we did. Many people have delays caused by problems with social services staffing issues, and sometimes prospective adopters get assigned a social worker to assess them that they just don’t feel comfortable with. Occasionally social workers make mistakes which delay things – they are human, they make mistakes – and sometimes Life just gets in the way. I am pleased to say we have experienced very few of those of things and where we have it has caused very little delay (in the grand scheme of things).

Things haven’t gone perfectly; the very nature of adoption prevents them from doing that. Most adopters wouldn’t be adopting if our lives turned out perfectly, and the children being adopted certainly wouldn’t need to be if theirs had. I may be an idealist sometimes, but I know life is never perfect and I can say that adoption has made ours better. The children that we didn’t have now feel like they were always meant to be there.

And so here we are, things have progressed. Our children are settling in nicely, it can certainly be challenging at times but generally things are going smoothly with no unexpected hiccups as yet.

I have been quite quiet on the blogging front recently. That’s Life getting in the way as I said earlier.  I have a few more post topics lined up which I’ll be writing in the next couple of weeks.

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