The Things We Miss

My previous post was a re-blog of a fellow adopter listing what he thought were the top 10 pro’s and con’s to adopting. One which got me thinking was this: You will miss the early important bonding period and some important milestones in your children’s lives Even if a child is adopted from birth there are things the adoptive parents will miss out on, usually the actual birth for one, but the longer the child is in care the more that will be missed. We will never know what our eldest son’s first word was. We don’t know which was

Schools – The Results

We have been to visit some schools, and based on the criteria I listed in my previous post we think we have found one which ticked pretty much all of the boxes we had available. Along the way we have encountered a few extremely good school features, and some not so good ones. I had actually intended on writing this post as part of my previous one, but after I started explaining how the whole thing worked I thought it was getting too long to then add this to the end of it. I’ll start with one of the worst things that happened,

Schooling Selection

An important task lies ahead of us; choosing which Primary School to send our children to. Ordinarily parents are limited by their location for schools, for the most part having to send their children to a school which has a catchment area within which their home happens to be situated. It is, dare I say, a “Postcode Lottery”. The majority of primary schools in our area are beholden to the local authority entry requirement rules which are, I believe, centrally controlled by the government. When there are more people wanting a place at a school than are available (class sizes have

Liebster Award

So, apparently at least one person other than my family reads my blog! Laura at the blog Riddle From The Middle has nominated me for a Liebster award. This is essentially an award given by bloggers to other bloggers with a few rules attached to it. I think it is designed to increase traffic onto your blog by linking it to other blogs that you read and like. Laura is a fellow adoptive parent, thanks to her for the nomination.